If you've been around here for a little bit you'll notice that there has been a complete overhaul of my site -- which I couldn't be happier about!  After much work and toiling, the wonderful Quinn Luu was able to truly get my vision for a clean, minimalist site with watercolor accents created by the ever talented Annie of The Wells Makery

It's hard to commit ... can I get an amen?!  And while this is just a website, it's even harder to commit to elements and styles that you hope accurately encompass you, your brand, and what you hope to represent.  But we all have to take the plunge at some point and I'm glad that I finally was able to do so.  I've only scratched the surface of how I want to use and develop this creative space and there are still a million ideas in my head of projects I want to work on and share on this platform.  I hope that this becomes more than a marketing tool to gain clients, I really hope it's a space of authenticity, growth, creativity, a dash of heartache (because we all have some of that in the mix), and truth.  This may be only a tiny corner of the interwebs -- but I hope that it grows to become my tiny corner with lots of redemption revealed in the art of photography and the art of just doing life. 

Branding Board 5000.jpg

I still have a ton of branding elements that I have not yet incorporated into tangible, branded products ... but I'm working on it!   It's a work in progress, but I've included my branding board to give you a taste of some of the exciting things on the way.  So, again, WELCOME!!  Please peruse the new site and hopefully you can track my growth and changes along the way.